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Jesus Christ is the greatest warrior to have ever lived. He
saves the most and He slays the most. His mission was to destroy
the works of the devil and to seek and save the lost. Facing the
greatest opponents, He received the greatest reward.
Often misquoted and misrepresented as a pacifist, this work
captures the vividly real warrior heart of Jesus. “Do you think I
came to bring peace on the Earth? I tell you the truth, I did not
come to bring peace but a sword.” (Mt10:34). “And him who has
purse or garment, let him sell it and buy a sword.” (LK22:36).
These are the words of a fierce and brave man. One who singlehandedly
cleared an entire temple court with a handmade whip.
These are the words of one who withered healthy trees with a
breath of his mouth, and whose walk carried him over raging
Jesus Christ

Jesus Chris War Manual - The Christophonies of Combat

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