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You Become Your Repeated Habits

By Jim Tucker

Whatever traits you see in a person, that makes you think they are excellent, practice those things for yourself. The habits that you think people who are special have, make them yours. Whatever you think are the treasons that make someone the best, mimic those best practices. You are not who you think you are, you are what you are doing about it.

The first steps to maximizing potential is to prepare your mind and body for the outcome you hope to achieve. Don’t think about what you want, DO what you want. Everybody has the ability to achieve what is in their heart. Thinking about how to get a new car, a great job, nice clothes, a life filled with joy, is worth a lot more than just thinking about it. If you want a new car go out and look at new cars. If you want a great job start physically working to get it. If you want to dress nicer, go out and buy the material and make the clothes. You may mess around and find you feel pretty good about yourself when you actually can touch what you want. You may not get it right now, but you are closer to getting it by moving toward the objective, versus sitting on your backside just thinking about it. You think long, you start to think wrong. You think less and start moving on your thoughts they turn to actions, and actions get results.

If the goal is to get all the crates into the wagon, stop worrying about the the fact that there’s no horse to pull it, just load up the wagon.

Many have lost faith, or sabotaged themselves from success. Don’t look in the mirror and have the person looking back at you tell you that you don’t qualify for the job you wanted. Don’t peer through the shop window and have your reflection tell you that you don’t have what it takes. Make someone tell you that.

If it looks too good to be true, if it sounds too easy, if it’s a no-brainer, then it’s probably not worth it. Things that have worth, are worthy of hard work. Things that are worth having, are worth struggling for. The harder it is to get, the better you feel about getting it.

Most people don’t like being uncomfortable or to experience a little pain, so they run from it, or try to avoid it. When you see a punch coming, at times it’s better to step closer to the person throwing the punch rather than to back away. Sometimes it hurts a great deal more getting hit while backing away. Sometimes closing the distance takes away much of the sting. Sometimes you just have to gut it out and move forward.

Jim Tucker is a retired law enforcement officer, Shudokan karate sensei, trainer, author, father and husband. He has inspired many to become more than what they were, and is a blessing to all who know him. Read more from Mr. Tucker on his website: http://www.selfguardtraining.com