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Why I Hate Calvinism Part IV It's All Love

“But God’s highest attribute is His glory, don’t you agree?”

“No, where do you get that?” I think God’s highest attribute is His love.”

“God is love (1jn4:8).” “In this is the demonstration of love, that God would send Jesus to the cross (1jn4:9).” “The greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God…and to love your neighbor (mt22:36-38).” That is why it seems the highest.

The glory of God is like the brightness of the sun. it is an effect. God was glorified in the crossed because it demonstrated His love (jn12:23). Man’s shadow is like God’s glory, it is from Him but it is not His greatest part.

“If you love me, you will obey me (jn14:15, 23),” Jesus taught. I think life is a test. It is a test primarily of who you will love. Adam and Eve were created, why? I think God what to demonstrate His love and I think God wanted to be loved by His creation. One choice, one love. Chose to obey God and show that love or chose to disobey. The great love of God is shown in that He created mankind knowing (foreknowledge) Adam would sin. “Jesus was the lamb slain from before the foundation of the world (rev13:8).” His love is true. “While we were yet sinners Christ died for us (rom5:8).” Now how is our response?

Love must be a choice or else it is not love. When my wife choses to say; “I love you.” It warms my heart. She could have married any man but she chose me. If I type “I love you” and automate it, it has no value. So why would God allow us to become so deprived we could not respond to His love? I do not think He did. To say that Jesus did not die for the world or for those that would not believe is to shorten His love as well as miss the clear meaning of John’s writings. Do I think God got less than He paid for? Of course I do! He paid for the whole world and only receives a few. But that is love. It is reject-able.

I used to say more immature things like; “if I was a Calvinist, I would delight myself in sin, never pray and have no interest in missions because God is going to do it or not going to do it. It is already predestined.” But I have grown to love Jesus so much more. I would not behave that way if I were a Calvinist. Everyday living right is a great blessing of its own. I delight myself in God and my family. It is a joy to pray and to give. Maybe I can liken it to a basketball game. Not being a Calvinist, I play like it is a 1-point game all the time. Like my performance matters. I have pressure to score or to get the stop. So, I hustle and I hustle and I listen to my coach intently. This is a big game, souls are on the line. The Calvinist plays a different game where they have a huge lead. They already know they are going to win. But here is where many of them have earned my respect; they love the game, they love their coach, so they play hard regardless of the score. Both efforts are admirable.

It really is all love except I really do hate Calvinism.