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The Art of War 1:4 Rise of the Anti-Hero

First on Sun Tzu’s list of constant factors in war is “moral law.” For 2400 years this work has stood as a pillar of wisdom. Until the sledgehammer of our modern anti-hero began striking.

Three days after being released, the video game “Grand Theft Auto V” made more than a billion dollars with over 11 million sold. In, I repeat, only three days! Players eagerly participate in assassinations, drug dealing, cop shooting, sex with prostitutes, and yes, even stealing cars. The game epitomizes cheering for the bad guys. “Bang! Another swing of the hammer. Receiving 58 primetime Emmys, the top TV Show “Breaking Bad” tells the story of a high school science teacher turned meth cook.

Sun Tzu’s moral law meant that soldiers believed in their cause. They were willing to obey commands, fight and die because they were the “good guys.” Having the conviction of their principles was worth more than life. Now people are lined up to play the scoundrel. In 2017 the top selling Halloween custom was Pennywise the clown from the horror movie “It.” Even more to the point, 2016 saw “Suicide Squad’s” Harley Quin claim the throne at number one, sociopath Joker at number two and “nanana-Batman” lagging at number 7. This represents a love of villains!

So who do you want to be when you grow up?--the cops that chase you in GTA5, or the mass murdering trigger man? Do you look up to the hero Batman or to psychotic clowns? Is your hero a respected teacher that builds people up, or a low-life drug dealer who ruins lives? For what cause would you fight, or are you happy to fight without one? Does the pillar of “Moral Law” stand or has the anti-hero succeeded?