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Ripples in the Ocean of Life by Diana Crawford

I was on a whale watching trip this December and was overwhelmed by the immense grandeur of the ocean. I was a tiny speck in a vast body of water. Which the ocean in comparison to God is itself minuscule. Being amazed at the grandness of God and realizing that He sees me as valuable while I feel small. As I've contemplated my life in this comparison He re-affirms that no one is outside of His sight, presence and plan. We can reflect Him and touch many lives. Our impact on the world can be great or small...depends on our realization of our place with God. I lost a dear friend several days before Christmas. In my grief and measuring the loss of her in my life I see our worth through the eyes of God. How many lives did she touch with her encouraging "I trust God is in control" attitude? In spite of many physical impairments she always reminded people there were things to be thankful for and God allowed things for our good and His purposes. She was not a tiny speck she was a great picture of the love of Christ and the value of every human. She made an incalculable difference and she knew her worth to God. When God looks at each of us we are known down to the very hairs on our head! When we know Him and are secure in His love we want to share it and have a big impact. My friend caused many ripples in the vast ocean of life. I'm challenged to use this life as she did to touch as many as God puts in my path. In that goal we are not unseen but a beacon of light seen from the far ends of the horizon. When we leave this earth will we be missed? Will our impact on lives last for eternity? I know my friend Lynn left a hole that only she could fill. She even in death has turned my eyes to the creator and lover of my soul. Her life and death remind me that we may not understand all things but we can trust Him and we get to be used to share Him with the world. That is an indescribable gift God gives to us. The ocean will forever remind me that each life IS valuable and causes ripples...Is my life a lighthouse to a world filled with lonely lost people? How large will the hole be when I'm removed from the earth? How big is your ripple in the water of the ocean of life?

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