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The Seven chambers of death; one for flour, the second for a turtle dove, the third for a sheep, the fourth for a ram, the fifth for a cow, the sixth for a bull and then the seventh, the seventh was an absolute abomination. No crying. Parents were not allowed one tear as their child would be placed upon the bronze hands of the 7th chamber. Moloch was worshiped as a bronze statue that consumed 7th offerings at once. God hated him. Leviticus called for stoning those who bring their “children through the fire.” Kings Ahaz and Manasseh stirred the wrath of God in this vile way and brought destructive consequences upon thier people.

As barbaric as this sounds, modern America is no better. Perhaps, we are far worst. Since Roe v Wade America has offered more than 55 million babies upon Moloch’s alter. Not upon bronze statues but within Planned Parenthood buildings.

This is so abhorrent to God because His is a good Father. A loving, a forgiving, a caring father that cares for the prodigals. In the womb it is God that weaves. It is God that knows us even then. Destinies are interrupted by a vacuum aspiration. If you see God as a father who loves the children then you would begin to understand HIs intolerance. “Suffer the children to come!” Jesus reviled His disciples when they were not allowing young ones to be blessed by His hands. Anger is appropriate.

Rather than using kids, we should serve them. “What you do to the least of these, you have done to Me,” Jesus taught. The unborn are defenseless. They are voiceless and to some a nuisance. But how we treat them is how we treat God.