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Love and Sacrifice by Jim Tucker

Love and Sacrifice

Love is the highest goal. Love for family, love for community, love for all. Love is directly proportional to the sacrifices made for it.

Love comes in levels and types. The love for a spouse, brother, sister, father, mother, friend or a pet are all different. But the measure of love is always the same, sacrifice.

A willingness to sacrifice without any compensation is unconditional love at its highest form

Freely offering our life is the ultimate measure of sacrifice and demonstration of love. Giving ones life for a child or spouse is honorable and understandable. Giving ones life for an unknown individual is difficult to understand but is of the highest order. An individual who gives his or her life freely for someone they do no know has truly sacrificed at the highest level.

But what of a willingness, as a demonstration of love, to trade a “good-life” as you know it, for an undesirable life filled with pain or isolation. This too is a measure of love. People are willing to endure much pain and suffering to demonstrate their love. Love is measured in the ultimate sacrifice but is also measured by the small unnoticeable actions, deeds and tasks that form the whole.

A willingness to do for others is an expression of love.

The daily rituals in a functioning work or family environment is often tedious and difficult. Love can be difficult to keep up with. Love is like having a garden. It has to be care for and maintained. A garden unattended will be taken over with weeds and pest, love unattended is taken over, infected with negativism and eventually destroyed. Like a garden love needs to be nurtured to sustain.

Take notice of the little things the everyday small sacrifices made that as a collection weigh heavy when measured. Love is not a sprint race, it is a long marathon to the finish line. Affirm the sacrifices made by your loved ones, for you. Be thankful for the service they provide you along the journey and give thanks and appreciate the love for what it is, a gift of joy.

Love is a gift of joy, the willing sacrifices to demonstrate love finds its origin in joy. The ultimate measure of love is sacrifice, but the ultimate consequence of unconditional sacrifice is joy.

Sacrifices made with the purest of intention bring about the most joy. Joy is a gift that comes from love and love comes from sacrifice.

Find the meaning in your sacrifices brings us closer to finding the meaning of true love and unltimately joy.

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