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Halloween: I do not Forfeit a Day

“How can a church celebrate Halloween in any way?” Is a question I have been asked in response to our Trunk or Treat outreach on that day. I fully understand the origins of the rituals. Honestly, they are not that different from Christmas or Easter. This line of not participating is a slippery slope of legalism.

“Let no man judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day (col2:16).” Halloween is a New moon religious event. Why then is it ok to judge? One Youtube video I was recommended went on to say; “when we trick or treat or dress in costumes we are release evil energies.” For all his historical accuracy and concern, he lost me right there. “Releasing evil energies” is not a Biblical concept or a reality I have experienced. Does putting up a Christmas tree or having an Easter egg hunt have the same condemnation? Those rituals are as pagan. The tree is in remembrance of Nimrod and the Easter bunny is a nod to the Babylonian fertility goddess Ishtar. With this logic, we should not use the calendar because you have “Moon-day,” “Thors-day,” “Saturn’s-day,” the “Suns-day.” No TV’s or radios, no base guitars or rock and roll instruments, those are used for evil also.

I am a competitor. As was the Apostle Paul; “I become all things to all men that I might win some.” Jesus left Heaven and became a man to win our souls. He was costumed in flesh (tabernacle, like a tent of cloth). Yet we have individuals with the free time to criticize churches making a safe place for kids to receive candy and play games? Too far? Hundreds of kids will either walk by an empty church parking lot or they will walk into it. Each step on our property is one closer to the Kingdom of God. I refuse to forfeit this opportunity. People get saved on Halloween or is that evil energy too much?