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Courtship IV Growing Together

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

“Can two sail together unless they agree?” Know what shore you are setting out for. It is dangerous to drift in the ocean. Resources will run out. Attrition will set in. So it is in courtship, there must be constant progress.

Courting couples are growing couples. They are intentional about the time they spend together. They ask lots of questions and actively listen. “What is your dream job? Your favorite place to live? Do you want to have kids? How many?” Learn each others strengths and weakness. Its good if your compatible rather than competitive. That your gifts differ so you can complement each other.

Courting couples show up for each other. They go to each others events cheering as their biggest fan. Supporting is key. Together is the test. How are you when you are together? Do you like how they treat you in public? How they speak to you in private? Do they give you energy or drain you? Courtship is a test. It is like going to court. It is proving yourself to the other. It is romantic and there are feelings of infatuation and it is calculated.

Day dream together. Imagine the trips you will take. Encourage each other with how your gifts will work together to solve life's problems. Your journey is yours. When you marry it is both of yours. Know where you want to get and know they are the co-captain with the same map.