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Downpour by Diana Crawford

For several years the hills around us have been brown and lifeless. The beauty gone with only ugly barrenness and little hope of anything changing as the rain stopped gracing us for many seasons. This scenery brought out feelings of dread and sadness as time wore on. Maybe we would never experience beauty again. Then one day we received a downpour and that downpour led into several days and weeks of showers. The excitement of rain was a blessing but then came a masterpiece. Several weeks went by and one day I noticed the hills around me were green and filled with life....but what overwhelmed me was the wildflowers that sprinkled the hills between rocks and covering the ground. It hit me that God never lost hope, He knew what was ready to spring forth. What appeared to be dead actually had many seeds lying dormant waiting for God to sprinkle life into them. Excitement filled my soul as I realized that all around us we come across people who seemingly have no life, joy or hope. How many seeds lay dormant in hearts waiting for the touch of God to bring forth life? God calls us to plant seeds and to water and He will bring the life. It's not my call to judge that a heart is too far gone but it is my privilege to have hope that life can spring forth even out of what appears to be hopeless. The hills have been beautiful and the life that came forth was unexpected but God knew it was just below the surface awaiting the downpour. I will treasure this insight forever, enjoy the beauty of the wildflowers as inspiration to let my life be used by God to see those around me as seeds just waiting to grow with the right sprinkle of the Holy Spirit. We get to watch God make beautiful bouquets out of lives that appear to be dead. I'm so thankful and expectant that there is hope in lives that seem hopeless. Today is the day to plant, water and wait! What a blessing to hear and see Gods power at work and to excitedly await the beauty He is creating! Enjoy the day, see others in a new way and ask God "How do you want to use me today to sprinkle hope to the hurting world"? Remember we don't know what's going on under the surface, revival in ones heart might just need one more drop.