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Courtship III Get Your Parents Involved

Who has your best interest? Who has prayed for your future spouse when you thought they had “cooties?” Who has already demonstrated their love for you by many sacrifices? Your mom and dad. So get them involved. Tell them of your interest and early stages of your exciting relationship.

If a man has good intentions, if he sincerely wants to court, he will work up the courage to speak to the ladies’ father. (If she does not have a father or a Christian father, an older brother, an uncle or a pastor maybe a suitable substitute). “I know that you greatly care for her and I want your blessing on our relationship. I have good intentions and am devoted to being a Christian. Would you allow me to further get to know your daughter? Is there anything you would ask of me as I do?” A father figure will respect you for initiating this hard conversation. If a man is not willing to meet a protector, he is not ready to win your hand.

Your heart should be earned. You should be valued as someone worth waiting for, as someone worth having hard conversations for. Meeting an older male figure sends the message “she has an avenger.” If I mistreat her, there could be recompense. On the positive side, future holidays and family together will be enjoyable as a network of new friends are made.

Someday you will be a parent. How do you want your children to treat you? Would you want them to ignorantly run around with cowardly heart breakers or honorably pursue a godly relationship?