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Defeating the gods: Ashura

A 3-star Michilen chief was seen serving a sizzling medium rare filet milgon and a fresh lobster tail to the rats and roaches in the alley of his restaurant on a silver platter. What a waste! Does he not know the value? Two polar opposites are to honor and to despise, to be holy and to be profane, to be sacred and to be common. What is honorable is holy and sacred and meant to be esteemed.

More than forty times the goddess Ashura is mentioned in the scripture. The Canaanites worshiped this goddess by carving the image of a naked women upon a tree in a dedicated grove. “Cut down every Ashura. Burn them.” Do not tolerate this profanity for your bodies are holy. Sex is sacred. Little foxes can ruin vineyards. As the land of Canaan was polluted with this nude idol, so much more has this spirit of sensuality clouded our modern day. “Abstain from sexual immorality, for this is the will of God, that you live pure (1thes4:3).” Sexual immorality is the Greek word “pornia” where we get our word pornography. The top pornographic website logged more than 6.4 billion hours of users watching in 2016. More than 70% of men ages 18-35 are addicted, as are 1 in 6 women. This epidemic immorality increases depression, gives unrealistic expectations and causes the dehumanization of others. From cell phones and tablets in the hands of our children to the big screen to the more than 250 million daily emails sent, Ashura is back.

The ancient wisdom of Job teaches us how to overcome this profane plague; “I have made a covenant with my eyes that I will not look on a woman lustfully (job31:1).” This agreement, this promise, this binding covenant within one’s self is the first line of defense. Marriages where one spouse regularly views pornography are 300x more likely to get a divorce. But part of the method of overcoming Ashura is through sex in marriage. Proverbs 5 reminds us that God created sex and that it is good and to be enjoyed. The apostle Paul implores us; “if any burn for sex, let them get married. Do not defraud eachother for your body is not your own.” And again; “For the marriage bed is honorable and undefiled.” The companionship of marriage is superior to the cheap thrills Ashura offers. To have someone to serve, someone to trust, someone to enjoy, in marriage you have unique intimacy which is the design of God.