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Courtship I The Perfect Pick

If you wanted to be hated just ask a Portland Trailblazer fan what they think of Sam Bowie? Or if they are Greg Oden fans? They could have drafted Michael Jordan or Kevin Durant. Instead they opted for these two highly hyped but low producing big men. The Draft is important. A team’s future depends on it.

Who you pick to spend your life with is the most important decision you will make. Before you can know what kind of person you are looking for, you need to know yourself. Know your dreams. Know your goals. Then a companion, a partner, a teammate can best be selected. “Do not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever.” Again “how can darkness co-exist with light?” A Christians' first standard must be that their potential partner must also be born again. Second, if you have a call of God to be a minister, so must they. Next, I would have some dis-qualifiers; if they do drugs, pass them up. If they use foul language, leave them on the board. If they are rebellious or lazy, don't even invite them to training camp.

When you are single, meaning not married, you must be selfish in seeking a spouse. Great coaches, championship coaches are not the ones that are best at improving their players, they are the best at selecting their players. Have criteria. Attraction, chemistry, shared goals, similar interest and liking who you are when you are around them are all good indicators.

Get a scouting report. Ask their friends and family about them. Talk to a teacher or coach about them. If you are going to consider lifelong companionship, be mature enough to learn all you can. Romantic relationships should develop slowly, especially in the beginning and especially if you are young. Watch how they treat their parents, their church and people who serve them. These are all indicators of how they will treat you some day. Be wise because marriage is a long-term contract.