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Amos9 God Still Sees Hope

“The eye of the Lord is evil towards you! There is nowhere you can hide. On the mountains, he sees you. In the Valleys, He sees you. Even if you were to sink to the bottom of the sea, He would send a sea serpent to bite you,” the prophet Amos continues to blast the sinful nation.

But then there is a turning. There is a nail on the wall. A pause. A breath before the final sentence. Amos ends his declarations with hope. That God sees the remnant. He sees the few that are faithful. God can restore that which was lost, what they lost. God repairs that which we broke, what we broke. And those things that have been destroyed, God can rebuild. “I will lift up the fallen tent of my people. I will fix their breaches. I will establish them again and they shall never be moved” are his last recorded words.

You have hope. your sin cost you. Years, relationships, wealth, health have all been collateral damage for your wrong choices. Yet, God is your fixer. He brings back together like Jacob and Esau or Joseph and His brothers. While you were an enemy, a sinner, Christ died for you. He is your mediator, your propitiation, the way to God. “He restores your soul.”

When God builds it is always better. He takes these terrestrial aching bodies and glorifies them to celestial. He makes fishermen fishers of men. He is the bread of eternal life unlike the mana that perishes. He offers the living water in place of a stale life. God always replaces with better.