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Amos7 I am Not a Kings' Man

“Stop your prophecies the King demands it! You are exiled and not welcome here anymore,” decried Amaziah the priest.

Amos the herdsmen, the keeper of sycamore trees, looked at his hard, calloused hands, took a deep breath and preached from his gut, “Your wife will become a prostitute, your king will die and your land will be enslaved. Your king did not call me and I do not answer to an apostate like Jeroboam.”

Little did Amaziah know that Amos’ recent intercession had ‘put off the evil day’ of judgement. God relented at sending the locust to devour the next harvest. “We are too small,” Amos pleaded, desiring to stave off the impending doom.

God had called Amos to be His man, to declare His message, and to dwell within His “plum line.” A farming phrase meaning “to be within the prepared boundaries.”

God has a calling for your life is specific to you. You need to hear the Spirit speaking to your heart. There is a message that you will be held accountable for and what you do with it. It may not be popular, but it is true. Keep the standard, dwell within the “plum line” by living with integrity.