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Amos6 Woe to Those at Ease in Zion

Your court date is set yet the date is unannounced to you. There stands an indictment of “Depraved indifference.” You knowing allowed what you could have stopped. What you have received will be brought as evidence by the prosecution. What you did not do with it is their case.

Perhaps apathy is the greatest evil of all. Cold indifference is worst than hot blooded hate. For aggressive emotions are like a neglected dog, that given attention, can be channeled into productive energy. But feeling nothing, helping nothing, seeking nothing, nothing but ease is hopeless.

The prophet Amos decries the refusal of his people to see the plight of others around them. “You lay on the softest couches. You drink fabulous wine by the bowlful and indulge in feast while those around you scrape and starve.” You have the knowledge of vast libraries but neglect to teach the illiterate around you. You have the cure to diseases and you neglect hand it to the infirm. You posses the means of salvation for the soul and yet, you deem your NFL watching of more value.

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