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Amos5 Good and God

When a dog chases a truck what does he do if he catches it? A dog lacks an imagination and cannot comprehend himself in the future. Picturing oneself in the future are reserved for humankind. What will you do when you catch what you are seeking?

Many are lost in their “vain imaginations.” Others simply live day to day on survivor mode. Living for the weekend or retirement is not living. It is waiting. It is leaking your life away. The prophet Amos implores his people to seek two pursuits; seek God and seek what is good.

Resiliently striving for almost any goal can be honorable. Demonstrating courage and fortitude while overcoming obstacles is like a passionate dog chasing the truck. “Wow he is fast.” “Boy, he is persistent, what a good dog!” but when you finally arrive at the goal, is it good? Is it of God? Will it last? Was it worth years of your life?

Be careful what you put your mind to get. Go for what is authentic. Israel had played religious games in the city of Bethel. Their rituals were empty but full of the trappings of religion. They gained ceremony but never pursued the presence of God or what was truly good. They got what they went after, and likely, so will you.