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Amos4 Yet You Have Not Returned to Me

I believe the saddest thing in all of life is unreturned love. Adultery is the ultimate betrayal because the promise of the betrayed. How sad to love with all your heart only to be left alone.

God echo’s this sadness to his people through the prophet Amos; “Yet, you have not returned to me.” The “yet” could be taken in several directions. It could be hopeful as in “it is not 8pm yet, but it soon will be.” It could be a tone of frustration as in; “still, you have not finished yet.” Or it could be a turning of a phrase as in; “I reached out, yet they would not come back.” All have a tone of sadness.

God has chosen to love us. His love was, has already been demonstrated to us by Christ dieing on the cross. Yet…you have not returned. His love has not been returned by all. To have, to will, to use one’s volition to reciprocate God’s affection has yet to happen. This too is sad.

Yet the hardest part is that they have not returned to “ME.” It is one thing to leave a job or a team or home but to leave a relationship is higher. The “Me” is not a thing or a human, or a trifle. The “Me” is the Creator, the Eternal, God, who is love who is life who is our great Father. Why would any not return to Him? IF He is offering, what fool would refuse his invitation?