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Amos3 Scraps

The law of unintended consequences is felt every day. Selfish actions have rippling effects. A High School Junior just wants to have sex with his girlfriend and she gets pregnant. Not his intention but think of all who will be affected; their parents, her, this child, likely this child’s kids, future siblings or half siblings. It is likely two generations of pain and disfunction caused by adolescent desire.

Grenades are like this. They hit more than the target. “Everything happens for a reason” is like saying “it is in the last place you look.” Both are true but misunderstood. Not every reason is a good reason. We live in a cause and effect universe, so yeah, everything is an effect. But most things, hurtful things, dysfunctional things are sin’s consequence.

Man’s mistakes are not greater than God’s plans. God is a great author. Perhaps his favorite genre is “chose your own adventure.” He knows all endings and gives plenty of junctions for new paths but each one has a designated outcome. Choose His. I know the plans I have for you,” He declares. “Good plans to prosper you and give you hope.”

While unintended consequences are evident and God’s plans are ever present, He will always, always have His remnant. He will never be without a righteous representative on the Earth. There have been many dark days but never a pitch dark. I was recently in a cavern where they shut off the lights. You could open a lens for a month and would not get a photo. God always has a match. Are you His? Are you aggressively rippling out righteous causes? Are you walking His plan for your life?