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Amos2 Who you could be

I never play Texas Hold’um unless there is a buy in. If players have nothing to lose, the game is meaningless and cannot be played properly. The bigger the buy in, the better each player will focus. Recently, I let me 9-year old son play but he had to use his own $10 for the starting chips. I never saw so much concentration! (He got 3rd out of 12).

Think of the person you could be if you personally decided to “buy” into following God. If you more than anted up to see. If you did more than meet the raise others are doing. If you not only led the bets but if you went all in. You could be the person God created you to become. It is not too late. When we play cards, we allow a second buy in if you are eliminated, even a third.

You must decide. Before you can influence your kids or your spouse in godliness, it must be real to you. Think of how far God has taken you. Reflect on how far you have come! Build on that momentum. Artificial religion will bring about a fakeness. It cost nothing and is weak to effect strong morals or convictions. Genuine journeyers never take their eyes off the prize realizing the value of what they have put in. More than that, they are mindful of what they have to win. In this process they become real players.

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