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Amos1 Judgement, Wrath and Reason

“Did they not know we were coming back?” I asked with venom in my tone. “I don’t know what they were thinking but we will never ever have them babysit again!” my wife replied. We had gone for dinner and a movie only to return to a messy house, a raided fridge, an extra friend of the sitter sitting on the couch, one of our little kids had wet themselves and was crying in their room. With frustration we quickly dismissed them and decided that they would not be welcome in our house again.

There is a reason for God’s judgement. Your ignorance is not inexcusable. The babysitter wrongly assumed it was ok for her to invite a friend over, she assumed it was ok not to check on the kids, she even offered to do it again. No idea how upset we were. Obliviously she skipped to her car off to meet more friends. God’s judgement always has a reason, whether you know it or not.

When an insane criminal is sentenced they are not bothered because they do not understand the gravity of what is happening. Likewise, consequences of our sinful actions are meant to be a loving deterrent to follow God. When, when, when His wrath falls it will be justified. God is a righteous God of wrath, judgement and reason.