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Amos 8 Spoiled Fruit

“One bad apple spoils the bunch” is an old advantage that is scientifically proven and socially observed. Rotting fruit releases hormones triggering the fruit around them to hasten in their ripening stage and begin to decompose sooner than they otherwise would. Psychologist ran an experiment with one actor and three students in 40 groups. The actor was the “bad apple” purposed to sabotage the group by being tired, lazy, negative and disinterested. In 39/40 groups they were successful in seeing the projects suffer. Most groups ended with non-actors placing their head on their desk. Even our attitudes are contagious.

“Amos, what do you see?” the Lord inquired. “A bowl of Spoiled fruit.” God’s patience was about out with his disobedient people. “I will pass by no more,” He replied. It had been a long trial for the rebellious, lawbreaking nation. The evidence was gathered, the indictment handed down, and the sentence read.

In just one of the forty cases a student stood resolute. His attitude or effort would not be tainted by the actor. No matter what excuse was given, he just kept positive. “We can do it,” “We need your input, you have a great point of view,” “what do you think we should do next?” constantly bombarding the actor with interest and optimism. “I forgot I was an actor. I got involved and caught myself having fun by the end of it,” the actor reported. Be the stronger agent for change.