Altered at the Altar

by Jael Brattrud

My whole life I’ve been a Christian. I’ve repented, been born again and been baptized. I have loved God my whole life. I honestly thought this was the point of life: to do church, stay away from sin, read my Bible, and pray. But with God, there is always more. When I heard about youth camp, I thought it would be fun! Zip-lining, rock-climbing, and swimming! However, when night chapel came, something happened in my soul. As I prayed at the altar, all my anger, fear, and sadness left me along with the tears I was shedding. On the 3rd night, I began babbling words I didn’t know, and from that point on I felt more powerful and more satisfied than ever before. God saw what I was going through. I had so much anger bottled up because my mom is hurt. It just wasn’t fair. My family is so good. Why us? But then I realized that life just isn’t fair, but God has a plan and He is my rock. Life throws waves at us, but I decided to stand on the firm foundation who is my Lord, and no matter what life throws our way, God is always there, no matter what. Even when it feels like we can’t hear Him, He hears us. He made us for a purpose: to glorify Him and submit to Him. Choose to let God be the Lord of your life and let Him be your foundation and your rock. I chose to let Him be those things for me, and I hope you choose the same.


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