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Act21:38 Four Thousand Murderers

Gangsters have been feared. Dictators have inspired dread. People respect the dangerous. “Aren’t you an Egyptian that leads four thousand murderers?” The apostle Paul was asked by his arresting centurion. What presence he must have had. He was notable. He was feared.

God strikes harder than four thousand killers. Few gangs have boasted four thousand murdering members. But could you imagine the leader of such a group? And if he had led them as the centurion supposed into the desert, that would be some leader.

People are often wrong about our details but they are often right about what they feel. Everyman wants to be dangerous. We Christians are. We do not fear death. We overcome by our testimony and by our blood. We multiply with radically changed lives. We change minds. We win souls. What is more powerful than that? We Christians walk with the power of the Holy Spirit. The same one that struck King Herod dead with worms, that snatched the breath from Ananias and Sappiriah for their lies, the one who withered a fig tree and cast a herd of swine off a cliff, power to be respected. We preachers of the gospel will lead four thousand murderers and more, but we do not lead them to the desert. We lead into the eternal Kingdom of God. So walk with boldness.