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A Little RCA History Lesson

Did you know at the front of the sanctuary, near the entrance, there is a bookshelf with all sorts of books for our members to read and borrow? I’ve passed it a hundred times and never even really noticed. Recently, Rob Chalfant was at the church and started looking through the books and he found this interesting history lesson about our little church building:

“FORT FREMONT COMMUNITY CHURCH. Around 1900 a Sunday school was started and they met in the Jurupa School… …the Sunday school grew and in 1927 bought property at the corner of Tilton & Twining Streets. There, a small building was built and called Fort Fremont Sunday School. Beginning in the 1940s, ministers were brought in to preach on a regular basis. In early 1945 it formally organized as Fort Fremont Community Church” It’s amazing what blessings you can find when you just stop and take a look at the little details all around you.