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3 Holy Spirit

Introduction Questions:

1. Have you ever experienced the “baptism of the Holy Spirit?” If so, what was that like?

2. What roles or activities does the Holy Spirit play in the life of a Christian?

3. What does it mean to you to “walk in the Spirit?”

Key verse- “When you the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you shall be clothed with power and then you shall be my witnesses.” Act1:8

Teaching- Jesus did no miracles until the Holy Spirit came upon Him. Then His preaching, exorcisms, miracle’s began. After His ascension, the disciples did wait. We see them in Acts chapter 2, all together, fearful and anticipating something. On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon that band of believers and radically transformed them. They began speaking in new tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. People from all over the world heard them praising God in their langue. As much as this was an incredible outer sign. It did something more important on the inside of those believers. It gave them a new courage to witness. “Build yourself up, praying in the Holy Spirit,” Jude would write (jude1:10). And the source of the apostle Paul’s boldness was no secrete; “I pray in tongues more than all of you…I wish you all spoke in tongues…For the one that speaks in an unknown tongue builds himself up (1cor14:4-5,18).” God wants every believer to be baptized with His Spirit to be equipped to be a more effective witness. “I baptize with water unto repentance but the one that comes after me, baptizes with the Holy Spirit and fire,” prophesied John the Baptist (mk1:8).

So, the Holy Spirit has several roles to play in the life of the believer. It was the calling and convicting of the Holy Spirit that helped you come to Christ (jn16). It is the Spirit that indwells you now (1cor3:16). He lives within and will never leave or forsake you. The Spirit has a voice that helps guide us. We can walk with the Spirit by actively obeying God and acting upon his personal convictions.

Through out the book of Acts we see people, some times the same people being filled with the Holy Spirit. Acts 19 is a great example. They are believers, they have been water baptized and Paul asks if they had received the Holy Spirit baptism. They hadn’t. So, he lays hands on them and they begin speaking in tongues and prophesying. Within a few years the whole province was evangelized. May we receive more of this!

Closing- Pray for each person to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit

1. Will you be open to receiving all God has for you, asking Him for this experience?

2. When do you feel closest to God?

3. When have you felt most empowered to tell others about your faith?