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The Art of War 2:19 The Great Object

Much of life is a sum zero game. All or nothing. Some processes are too costly to prolong. “In war, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns.” Before chaos, see the goal. In chaos, see the way to the goal. After chaos, maintain the goal. War is a process. It is a disruptor. It is the chaos that can lead to the goal.

Many souls love busyness to keep their minds occupied. Drama for drama’s sake. This becomes their comfort zone. In my observation, people have patterns. Often, those raised around dysfunction become comfortable in that element and cause dysfunction. They love the war and purposefully prolong it. What will they do in peace? What conversations will they have then? Who will give them the emotional payoff of pity when problems are resolved? They do not have a goal of peace but of prolongment.

Adrenaline, unity, a mission focused life, are all good for the soul. But then you must become a builder. You must become a grower. Learners adapt. From here to there and then again from here to there. War is destructive by its nature. The longer one last the more devastation to the land, to civilians and to stability. See what it is there for. What you pay for, you should enjoy. The sooner victory is got, the longer it can last.